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is he feeling me or not..

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Ok first off im on my step sisters thing an im 15 by the way just thought I would clear that up.. ok here is the deal im like in love with this guy right I have known him for a long time we got real close last year but then we just kinda fell apart once highschool started I had a Bf and all but now we are both single and I really want to see if i can get us hooked up.. i need to know good ways to see if he is interested without looking silly or acting too flirty i dont want him to think God she is all on me all the time.. He has admited to liking me but i wanna see how much.. i need help on things to say to see ..like hinting around at dating or something.. please help thank you

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You could send him a special card and that way he could read it in private.

Guys always like getting nice things from girls. Or you might just approach him and see if he wants to hang out with you in the very near future. All he can say is no, and I'm sure if he once liked you he more than likely still has feeling for you. Your gonna be in pretty good shape I'm guessing, and your only 15 so you don't need to be in a big hurry. You have time !


Good luck





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Like Kuhl said you could send him a special card. You could also see what kind of interests he is into and start building up from there. Talk about things that he likes; ask him questions, and show him that you are attentive and listening.


Ask him to hang out, compliment him.

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