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ever feel like u addicted to stress?

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I don't always feel like i'm addicted to stress.....lots of time I feel like bad things are meant to happen though...like if something good is happening ... something bad will follow...thats how it seems to go...my ex use to get mad at me because I only looked at the negative things instead of putting more emphasis on the positive....I'm slowly....after losing him am trying to change my ways...but its hard. I can honestly say...>Today has been a good day. (I'd add so far but that would be negative) So i guess like he told me...KEEP your head up and look at all the good things in life...even if there aren't many there has to be something.

Good luck!

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i feel like i have fell in the well of sadness, happy things dont even matter to me any more, its like i am always trying to find something bad, i am always looking for trouble, this is not suppose to be me, but it is, i am so lost i dont know what is going on, i am not even motivated to do my homework any more, its like i am a college junior, and i am so lost i dont even know where i am :silly:

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it is actually stress i am addicted to, when i am happy or something, i always want to be depressed, or stressed, i am not sure what my problem is, basically i dont like being happy all the time


Stress is a cycle you wanna break. Seriously! Stress is believed to be the next biggest preventable killer behind cancer. You can bet you are getting a reward thru your stress and it is easy to get addicted you your own bodies chemicals. In certain instances stress may not necessarily be bad, such as to cope with a crisis. The long term effect however, can have serious health issues. Symptoms that may be caused by stress can be: accelerated ageing, insomnia, diarrhoea, infertility, nervous tic, neck/back pain, head ache, excessive weight loss, excessive weight gain, rashes, depression, addiction (drug/alcohol), high blood pressure, poor digestion, sexual issues, erratic menstrual cycles, hyperactivity, chronic illness, over eating, hives, fatigue and many more.

If you get into a stress cycle it is hard to crack.

The danger of long-term stress lies in its accumulation. Our fight or flight response to danger is still relevant to modern life. There is a little dude in your head called the hypoththalamus, it sends messages to the glands such the adrenal glands adjacent to the liver, pumping adrenaline as a stimulant into the blood stream. The heart rate raises as does the blood pressure, and the metabolic rate can grind to a near halt. If stress is a reaction to lifestyle rather than an event or situation, dopamine can be secreted. Regulation of dopamine plays a crucial role in our mental and physical health as neurotransmitter. dopamine can act as a 'morphine' that gives us a little 'high' to cope - keep pumpin this out and you will get used to it, hence when not stressed you feel down. Without procedures in place to aid in our ability to cope with stress, the continual activation of the endocrine system eventually depletes the body of its energy sources, and can bring about exhaustion or stress related illnesses such as asthma, ulcerative colitis and high blood pressure.


You need to learn to relax, chill out else you will hit that wall. Guarantee it.

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