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sometimes things work out the way they were supposed to.....

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hi there all. I know it's been ages since i wrote, but every once in a while i like to pop back in here to give people a little light at the end of the tunnel. last year (in july) my bf of 9 years dumped me totally out of the blue (and over the phone) saying he needed to see what it was like with other people. i came on to this site day an night, crying my eyes out for months thinking that was it, and he was my one true love and all the other things one thinks when it happens to them...


fast forward to now.... i ended up moving from the town i was living in to be with this guy that i met about six months after my split (and 5 months after new guy and i were together). i am totally over the moon in love with this man (soon to be fiance). he's exactly what i realized i needed and actually didn't have in my last relationship. he's far from perfect, but he's perfect for me. so, i just wanted to let you all know that even though you may not think it now (i certainly didn't when it happened to me) things do work out and do get better, and sometimes, though you might not realize it, what you had wasn't the best that was out there for you and there might be someone fabulous just waiting for you. another someone that just when you're typing a message about them, makes you smile just because you love them......

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yaaay for you.


i had one awful break up years ago. i also thought my world was over and i couldnt get over him for the life of me. a year later after our breakup...i still couldnt shake my depression. i tried everything from being institutionalized to seeing a therapist to being on medication...even giving up and trying to end it all. all i wanted was to have my bf back.


now...i can honestly say im sooooooooooo glad i didnt get my wish. he was awful for me.


im finally in a relationship where we respect and admire and appreciate one another and dont take each other for granted. it's better than anything i could have ever imagined.


i also know im lucky...not everyone in life gets chances like this. i agree with day_walker....sometimes things work out but i also dont believe that this is what was supposed to happen. because i am fortunate enough for cupid to smile down on me...i dont take my bf for granted whatsoever. and i think anyone who is in a healthy relationship should also feel like that...they shouldnt feel like well someone better is going to be around the corner because life is like the happy endings in movies. they should feel like...dang...i just won the lottery.


- ivy

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