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What should I do about this girl?

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Okay, so there's this girl I've started noticing a couple weeks ago, but as I was in a relationship at the time, decided not to go for. Now I'm single, and I think she likes me, but it's complicated (isn't it always?).


Today in class we talked about going to see a movie, and she even wrote her number down on my hand. To me, that seemed like a great sign, but earlier in the day she told me thatshe had heard this one guy who she liked, yet thought didn't like her in that way, now likes her. She didn't get a confirmation, she just heard it from someone.


So after school today I was walking with her to her locker, and down comes the guy from the stairs. She says Hey look, there's Brice (his name) and they meet up and start talking (with me as well, since me and him are friends). I trail back to observe, and he goes to her locker with her, and when she leaves, so does he.


Now I'm confused on what to do. I know she likes him, but could she also like me? I mean, it's possible. I've liked two different people at the same time before. What do you think I should do? Call her up and see if she wants to go do something, and then ask her out, or just forget it all?

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I think you ned to be aloof at times and pay attention to her at times.


Then tell her you have fun with her or like being around her, see how she reacts. If she reacts well, tell her you should do it mroe foten, if she reacts well to that, ask her out, she already said yes.

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