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for girl in high school, what would be your perfect date thats is actuly possible in a small sabuban town, couse i want to if i an finda plae that would be good to mabey ask a girl out, (shes already a close friend) but i want to make it supper romanti couse well id ebe her first bf, and ya..... but remember im only 14 so its needs to be liek resonable and romanitc PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Take her to an ice-cream parlor....lol. And a walk in the park.

Bring with you: A single flower....

Go out into your moms flower bed...and cut your own Rose or flower. Shows more thought than store bought... orrrr at the park pick her a daisy.


Create a CD for her with music that means a lot to you.. or you would like to share with her.


1st date... I'd stay away from the social friends scene. Go alone so you can laugh and talk at your own pace.

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