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randoms tips cuase skool startin

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link removed can save college students money for textbooks.


Oh, you mean conversational tips...hmmm...arrive for class a little early and chat with people about random stuff. Maybe being nervous about the class. What you've heard about the professor. Random college stuff really until I get to know them better, **shrug**

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Ask a teacher if you're lost on finding the room. At my high school, there were 4 different "pods" where your class could be. The first couple of years were tough finding my classes on my own, so I'd usually end up asking a teacher where so-and-so's class is. After a while you just know where your class is, since each pod is by department.


Just ask how people's summers were. Talk about your own. And don't start getting tardies from the get-go (you shouldn't be getting tardies at all anyway). If you don't wear a watch, get one (though all the classrooms should have clocks in them).

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