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manic depression?

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Look up bipolar disorder on google and the National Institues of Health web site with definitions should come up. Someone who is manic (also called bipolar disorder) displays periods of severe depression and other periods with severe euphoria. They have grandios ideas about themselves, often times have problems with doing things in moderation and may have problems with shopping sprees, drugs, alchohol, and/or sex.

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I forgot to add that the best way to get diagnosed is to visit a psychiatrist. Only they can give you a diagnosis and prescribe medication for manic. I am bipolar myself and have seen several psychiatrists and I'm also meeting with a licensed counselor every week. My bipolar is primarily in the depression phase, but about once a year I have a manic phase. The length of each phase depends on the person. The best way to describe it is that the bipolar person does not experience the normal ups and downs of life. The downs are so low that the person can become suicidal and the ups are so high that the person may or may not become delusional.


Something interesting about bipolar disoder is that they share common genetic mutations as schizophrenia, so sometimes antipsychotics are used to treat bipolar patients.

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Patient Doctor Confidentiality - Your doctor could not say anything to your parents UNLESS you are a danger to yourself or anyone else - which you're not.


Go to your GP and see what he has to say - tell him that you don't want anything said to your parents and he'll have to follow your wishes.

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Ya im bi-polar and i kept it bottled up for awhile but now its treated.All i can say is when i was manic is i was insanley happy and like out and about running around.Then when i was in my lows i would be on the bed laying down for awhile depressed just feeling horrible.By keeping it bottled up i attemtped suicide ones.And at work wigged out when my best friend and my other friend were ignoring me and everything was going wrong.I started cutting myself and dont know how deep or how many times i was going to cut myself before my friend stopped me.Risked losing my job but my boss cared about me working there so i was able too.Freaked out my friend.Theres just my example of being bi-polar.

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