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this isn't the first time, and its pretty typical

and pityful too

as per usual i fall in love with a straight guy, and knowing these continue to do so and feeling like crap for doing so because i know its not going to go anywhere


not more than a hour ago, i tried to strangle myself, feel even more like crap for giving up and not dying


i don't want to be alive anymore if this continues


i hate being alive


i know i probably won't go through with hurting myself to finally die, and that makes things worse. by me writing this that also says i won't go through with it


theres nothing i can do and i can't sleep because of this pain in my head and heart i always fall for straight guys, theres something wrong with me!!

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hey man, theres a whole life in front of you man, to early to die. Someday, im sure ul find someone who feels the same about you, weather it is a guy or a girl. Just hang in there, and learn how to put these little problems asside. Finding someone who you can talk to about how you feel can help a lot.

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Don't hurt yourself over another person. There are too many people who care about you and by doing it you will be hurting them. Everyone gets lonely. I have not been in a relationship in about 2 years and my last relationship ended when my girlfriend dumped me for another guy for no apparant reason. She just turned 22 nowadays and allready is married with a baby. The moral of the story is you are better than this person is.


They left you to become something that you are not. Time will pass and you will realize that the only person you will ever need is yourself. You need some alone time. Realize that this happens to people every day. It is time to recognize who you truly are and stay single for a while.


p.s. : Barney this person is upset. She just got her heart broken by someone. I guess you don't know how that feels. Please keep your unecessary comments to yourself. Thanks.

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I cannot imagine what it might be like to be gay. You have limited yourself to such a small population where you can rarely tell who is gay or strait. But you are getting older, and it might be time for you to become more active in the gay community. Go to a gay club and meet some people.


Why do people rob banks? Because that is where the money is.


Why do gay men go to gay clubs? Because that is where their action is.

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