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I'm the only child in the house, its getting lonely...

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Hey, I'm 14 and i have a half brother thats house of the house and living on his own... Me on the other hand, well, I'm just sitting here stuck in the house while my parents work. And from time to time I wish i had a sibling to I could talk to someone and have there company... I just wish I could do something or have someone else here besides the computer and the T.V.. Any idea's on what I could do?, like get a job, but I dont know who hires 14 years olds... Well you if you have any suggestions on what I could do Thanks.

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enjoy the peace! im a step mom to 4 and a mom to two and they fight so much they hate being around eachother, theres no privace for them, they are constatly stealing from eachother, ect. they all wish they had your life, some alone time, and more attention. enjoy the attention that your parents give you that I am unable to give to so many children. one of my step-daugters is 14 like u, and she wishes for nothing else but her own room...lol

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There are a million things you could do. My personal favorite is Horseback Riding. I am the only child, and the thoughts ofhaving a sibling to look after is so dreadful. You could get a guy friend to hang with, horseback riding, mall, movies, if you want p.m and me and you could be pen pals. If you were to have a sibling younger than you when u r sixteen and u want to go places and party, think u will have to stay home to watch him/her. i have a b.f.f. that has a younger brother and she has gained 50lbs sitting at home watching him because she cant go no where. i got aim and p.m me and we can be pen pals

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Well if the 14 year old daughter you have, at least she has some one to yell at right? I have nothing, just writing this post and wishing i had a friend that could stay here with me or something... But I'm not that into horses that much, a couple of my uncle are tho... well thanks... Is there something that i can do to keep my self accupied throu the whole day tho without being bored, thats what i am right now is bored...

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