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situations.........plz at least read all

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ever since the summer started everythign went downhill, the only girl i loved but broke up with we ended up not even being friends and she tries to avoid me at all times and now trieds to get mad at me for everything( if she's upset and i ask whats wrong she gets mad, or if i tell a joke she gets mad) we didnt breakup because we were hurtin eachother it was out of our power and we always got along until recently she been trying to just hate me, plus i feel alone , nobody to talk to or even cares, everytiem i try to better myself i fail and thigns get worse, i couldnt get the job i was suposed to, (and two pregnant chicks got hired...... pregnant) also i ahve just been elin liek its been months ssince God listened to me or even was by my side, and now i feel liek its tyurnin me into a worse person, i have been gettina ttitudes with everybody, i've had violent thoughts, the only good thing is that i ahvent cut myself in aroun 2 or 3 months.. but emotionally and mentally i've been slipping. i just need comfort anythign you can say can help please i havent had anybody to talk to about anything for too long please help me..........

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2 words: Hope and Faith.. those are the 2 ideals that you need when you feel like the way you are. I know things get hard, I know life is hard, I know how tough this world can be.. but we all share the struggles of life.. and we all continue to move on for faith and hope that things will get better.. and they will.. because from the bottom.. there is nowhere but up.. best wishes.

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I think she still cares about you and she thinks you no longer care about her so she's trying to hurt you.


I'd just keep out of her way if I were you.





Take care of yourself.

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sympathy is NOT the thing you need right now. what you need is someone to talk to who can empathise with you. sympathy makes you feel like the situation is worse than it is. if you like, i can pm you my msn and i could hav a talk with you. i agree wiv tigris too she WANTS you to feel bad. dont let it get to you. keep tough

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i am going through sort of the same thing. my ex put me through such an emotional roller coaster. and it hurts. i am completely heartbroken right now because of the way she is treating me and handling this entire situation. the one thing i regret is sunday i asked her if we could go somewhere and talk about it cause i'm really confused right now. and she said no, i dont wanna see you, i dont even like you. mind you this girl is 21 years old. so i broke down, said a few choice words and that was the end of it. i really regret saying what i said, not because i hurt her feelings because she drove me to that point, but because i let her see that what she was doing was affecting me. and she's definetly the kind of person who loves that. other peoples misery. i am so glad i got out when i did, because if it were to last any longer, i could of been in serious trouble. so all i can say is keep your head up. eventually the minutes of thinking about her will turn to hours, and the hours will turn to days and one day you will be over her. it might take time, but it will happen.

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