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i live in San Francisco. I have nothing to do on the weekend

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hi, I live in SF. does anyone else on this forum live in SF as well? It's OK if you don't..my situation takes place in every urban environment.


I am trying to find alternative things to do for myself and a friend or date during the weekend. Soccer is on my list, but it seems that I'm constantly drawn back to various entertainment guide websites (in San Francisco) because I don't have anything new to do in my mind. There will be a huge theatre festival in my city tomorrow, but it is still an event where you see and listen to what's going on. After that..it's probably getting a bite to eat with my friend and then going back home. Biking is another alternative, but it is usually people who I might not have a good social connection with because they are not in my generation range. I keep thinking that most twentysomethings that I know of who live in my neighborhood are either hanging out and chilling, (A.K.A. sitting around talking doing nothing but video games and liquor) spending time with the children that they (unfortunately) had too soon, and working. So you can tell that I need new friends, which is what I'm trying to do for the summer and fall.

But like I said, I look at Citysearch and it gives me options: Mueseum, Clubs, Bars, Movies, Restaurants. I think once I'm in a relationship, those places might become interesting, but right now I'm trying to build up my social exposure to lots of things with various people. Instead of sitting at home.

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If your into skateboarding, skatin' at Embarcadeco park is awesome.

If your more of an inside guy if your PC can handle the new PC games (BF2, and stuff) then I highly recommend playing Battlefield 2. I don't really know where'd you'd meet people since your probably out of school and it's not an option. If your into guitar going to a music place is good I don't know any guitar type of places down in SF but if you could find some you could meet some people there. Bars are ok to meet people though, I think your just meeting a bunch of drunks .

I don't know man sorry I blanked out lol.

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S.F. is an awesome city with tons of culture as you know since you live there. I haven't been for years. I actually live in San Jose. What about one of those cruises in the bay? The biking actually sounds fun. Don't let the whole generation gap thing turn you off to it. Just because someone isn't in your age bracket doesn't mean you can't connect socially. You may be missing out on some great fun with some great people.

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