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how to tell if a girl is shy ? and whether she likes you

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well dude, if she isn't out going, basically has no friends, doesent go to any partys, or hang out with friends and have fun, would rather stay at home and be alone, then go outside and be with people. rairly takes part in conversations, and hardly ever starts them, if there in a group they are usually quiet, and don't say much.



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well dude, if she isn't out going, basically has no friends, doesent go to any partys, or hang out with friends and have fun, would rather stay at home and be alone, then go outside and be with people. rairly takes part in conversations, and hardly ever starts them, if there in a group they are usually quiet, and don't say much.




lol not that much man... let me put it that way.. signs if a shy girl likes you

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It does not matter if the girl is shy or not. In a relationship, girls are supposed to be the passive ones. YOU need to take the initiative. You need to show leadership. YOu need to make her feel comfortable, even if she is feeling shy. If you want her, you have to go to her, rather than waiting for her to come to you.

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well dude, if she isn't out going, basically has no friends, doesent go to any partys, or hang out with friends and have fun, would rather stay at home and be alone, then go outside and be with people. rairly takes part in conversations, and hardly ever starts them, if there in a group they are usually quiet, and don't say much.




I dont believe the fact that she will have no friends.I dont think it really matters it only matter sif your shy around the opposite sex.I am usually a really shy guy and i have had plenty of friends over my teenage years that i feel good about.Ive only never had a girl that was my friend or a real girlfriend.So i believe it mostly accounts for the opposite sex.

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The amount of friends doesn't mean much. I'm on the shy side when it comes to girls on relationship terms, yet I have a ton of guy and girl friends (actually, more girl than guy friends). Just because you have a lot of friends however doesn't mean that you can tackle relationships with an easy breeze like you could with friends. Making friends doesn't take any skill or real practice, and in most cases, the pressure isn't there.


The shy girl is more passive, more reluctant to move forward in a relationship then an outgoing girl. In order to ease her and make her feel comfortable around you, you have to take things slow and at her pace or else you'll make her feel really uncomfortable. Either she won't like you or at most keep you in the friends zone. Sometimes you could catch her looking at you, and when you look at her, she shys away.


And just because she is shy doesn't mean that once you get to know her she'll continue being shy. Some people need time to open up to others.

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This post may be a little off the matter.. but It gave me the idea/chance to right out some things and I guess I'll just share them. Being a shy girl myself for the most part, I'd like to give some of my input.. First off in response to other people's posts, my opinion: being shy doesn't mean you would rather stay at home and be alone, or that you dont like to joke around and have fun.


I think my shyness has developed from a few things. To be honest I'm insecure a lot of times and worry a lot about what other people think of me, which I know I shouldn't. I am more of a quiet person naturally and am a better listener and tend to keep things to myself. When I was in middle school I was kinda chubby which gave me low self-esteem going into high school. I am a pretty sensitive person and have a guard up a lot of the time. I am 18 and out of high school now, more aware of who my true friends are, because I've wound up in a "wrong group of friends" a couple times in school. I have a job now in which I have to be more outgoing with customers and coworkers and that has really helped me.

I still I still have never had a boyfriend or had anyone ask me out. I think I have had guys like me but they have never done anything about it or they were the creepy kind that hit on you like your a piece of meat. I did ask a guy from work to the Sadies dance but thats it, I dont know how I even got the nerve to do that. I have a lot of people ask why I dont have a boyfriend because I'm really cute, sweet, etc.

In a group setting sometimes it is hard to join in, sometimes when you think of something, you feel rude if you but in when someone else is talking and then your chance to say something passes. Because I may not talk as much with the individuals in the group I may sometimes feel unapart of the subject at hand and feel more obscure. I love it when people almost ignore the fact that I'm shy and carry on with me like I'm not. Generally that makes me less shy. They probably know your shy but they dont comment about the fact or tease you or ask you dumblly why dont you talk or why are you so quiet cause that only makes you worse, more uneasy. When I am on the right comfort level with someone I can talk about just anything but thats rare. Well in school and at work if I like I guy this is how I act. I tend to be kinda quiet at first, I probably dont know them very well yet so I am just cautious, nervous, dont know what to talk about. This can lead others to think I'm stuck up, not interested, or just really boring I dont know.. In school I just glanced at them mostly, one time I really liked a guy and got to sit next to him. I never had to much trouble with eye contact. I would laugh and smile ALOT. I do this alot to cover up shyness or appear to be more open in general though. (If a guy I liked gave me any reason to laugh or smile I would.) If I'm not as chipper one day I am probably not having a good day or something is upsetting me between me and the guy. It is easier to flirt with someone who is more outgoing, funny, talkative than me but at the same time they are usually more intimidating. If I like a shy guy it is even harder because they might find me intimidating and I have to try the eniciating which is extra hard. They are hard to get a read on or flirt with cause they too open up slower. Also when I'm around a guy I like I will be talkative when they ask me something one minute and the next minute I will kind of clam up. Sometimes I feel like I have to keep things up and so I will ask some question, just so they wont be put off by my moment of quietness. lol If you like a shy girl dont give up on her unless she appears to have no return interest, avoids invitations,etc. If she likes you she will be really excited every time you approach her, even if she is speechless past the hi. I know I get more comfortable with people as time goes on. I recommend asking her to do something with you cause she probably wont eniciate(spell).


If your still reading this.. hope I didnt bore you.. This was a great way for me to look into my own feelings and actions, sorry if you dont get anything out of this ramble.. good luck with your shy girl.

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ok thanks all of these wonderful posts..


i've read in another topic here that even some of the outgoing girls become shy with the guys they like.. i think this is true..


The girl could keep u as a friend even if she likes u more.. if she is still nervous around u... when it comes to something serious as a relationship shy girls like to take it soo slow.. they can even avoid u.. ok here is the question.. how can u know is it real she likes u but she is shy or she just dont like u.. here is my theory about this and i need ur approval... if u kept approaching her, coming close to her and talking to her alot... and she still giving u positive signs and trying to know u better too.. then she is interested... but if u keep coming closer to her and she still behaving and treating u normally and as she always did.. then she is not interested.. she could even treat u worse... as i said she can keep as a friend for a while even if she likes u.. thats no problem but she must give u positive feedbacks.. by any means..


some people say : the girl is keeping u as a friend and giving u positive signs just to make her self esteem high.. well i never saw a silly opinion as this one.. why ? bec i dont see that much of dirty girls like this in our world now.. i know them only in movies.. and even if there is someone like this.. they are very few..

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meant_to_love: One of the best descriptions of shy girls, and shy people in general that I've read. Why guys aren't dying to go out with you, I have no idea.


Always: Would you consider yourself shy? If so then how do you act towards a girl you like? Looking at every little detail and asking what it means, acting friendly then suddenly claming up, laughing and smiling alot, looking away or getting nervous... all possible signs. Think about what a shy guy would do, shy girls aren't any different. And it may help you understand your own behavior as well.


Your right, shy girls do like to take it slow. It'll be worth it because you'll know when you are finally together that the wait was worth it and you are sure it will work. You pretty much right on. Best advice I can give right now is to not worry so much about if she likes you, let things play out naturally, continue as you are. When you see her again in person, see how she acts around you. If it seems like she may like you, slowly show you care, by asking to do things with her (in a friends way), talking to her, etc. Things will go great, it just takes time.

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well yeah iam sooooooooo shy..


i kind act rude to the girl i like iam also sometimes soo nervous around her.. i ignore her sometimes, talk to other girls.. ect....


she do the same..


Your doing the shy persons tango.


Both of you are shy. You both feel something there, but don't know how to go about it. So you turn to acting like you don't like each other so you don't have to deal with it. But then you turn around and constantly think about each other and wonder what's going on. You guys are dancing around things.


Acting rude, ignoring her... that won't help you out. Even if its just a smile and saying hello, take notice of her. And don't be nervous, what's the worse that could happen? She catches you smiling at her, yells and screams that you are a pathetic loser, that she would never like you, and that she hates your guts? Ok, the chances of that happening are nonexistant. So know that you know that won't happen, anything else has to be better. And based off what you've said, she's just as nervous as you. So don't be scared.

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well yeah i did these stuff.. i even told her once to see her reaction mid ur own business lol when i look back in the things she have done.. i see that she did what iwas doing exactly...


she told me once who are the most 3 guys and 3 girls u like in the univ.. i told hera and she said her 3 boys are: somone, anotherone and me..(with a shyface)


so now we are 3.. she acts around me more nervous than any of the other 2... so....


well u said based on what i said she is just nervous.. i think so.. the things i told u are the exact things she said with the exact same words.. i didnt change anything.. now u and smallworld almost know ALL of the details. so u can see the whole picture..

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I'm sorta shy, most shy people are ashamed of being shy so they work really hard to cover it up, especially if they're talking to someone they want to impress. Personally if I'm talking to someone I like I find it much easier to talk to them (flirt with them.) If I do not find the guy attractive and he flirts with me I become much more flustered. I usually flirt with guys by insulting them, I think that's an agnomalie, a lot of guys ask me if I don't like them. So I guess every "shy" person has different ways of coping and flirting, as far as this chick goes, just go with your gut and be her friend. If she's shy she's probably sensitive and a good friend and if she's shy she probably needs some friends as well. Also in the friendship she may get to like you, or you'll realize she's not shy and just a B. good luck man!

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u talk easily to the guys u like ? well thats new


we can put it in general..

after u told her u like her


- acting positively ........she likes u

-acting negayively.........she dont like u

-acting normal...............60 % she dont like u 40 % she likes u i dont know whether this is right or wrong

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