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Okay... im so so confused... women: help me!!!

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Alright, I posted this a few days ago, and I got some responses saying that she used me and everything. Well today she called and left a message on my phone wanting to talk and I haven't talked to her in 4 months?!?! What should I do? Call her back or do NC? If you didn't read what I posted the other day here it is again:


Okay, this is probably the most weirdest situation that has happened. There was this girl back in December 2003 that I met at a bar and we clicked and we dated for a few months. She was 22 and I'm 23. We didn't see each other much, because she went to college about 3-4 hours away. Well this was my fault what happened: She was in town, and she was going to meet me at a bar with my friends, and then she called me later and said she wasn't going in because there were cops around the place. Well, I was kind of drunk and I thought she was telling me a fake story or something, so I text messaged her something very mean. Well, the next day, she called me and was very upset, and hung up on me. I tried a few times to get in touch with her, but she never called and I gave up. I've dated several girls after her, but she was definitely the most awesome girl I've been with.


So fast forward to November 2004. I drunk dialed her one night and told her that I missed her, and just really kind of poured my heart out. Well, she tells me she's been seeing someone, and that she was hurt from what happened. BUT, the next day, she's texting me saying that she missed talking to me and wished she didn't have a boyfriend..blah blah blah. So she calls me every day after she gets off work and we talk for several hours, and I'm thinking, "Hey we could get back together". WOW..was I fooled. We met in December at a bar..she had gotten back in town from college on break, and it went well, but when I tried to kiss her, she backed away. But we left on a good note, I wasn't trying to push her. Then after that, shes constantly calling me. So she went back to school, and I decided I would send her flowers with a sweet note. Well, that backfired. She called me and said thank you for the flowers, but her boyfriend was visiting her that day! Needless to say, she slowly quit talking to me, and I asked her why she acted so interested in me, her response was "well, I do like you alot, but I have a good thing going with this guy and I don't want to screw it up to see what it would be like to date each other again." So I tell her I can't wait around like this and she says "but who am I going to run too if me and this guy don't work." WHAT?! I must say that really hurt. And here it is almost July, and I just can't let go. I feel like she was "the one" I let get away. Did she just want attention? Was I a back-up? What went wrong? Is there anyway do get her back? Women..any advice please!?!?

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Look, there's no use in thinking the 'what if' scenario.....you had your chance with her and you messed up. It happens. But apart from that, I think she was just confused and perhaps even stringing you along till it things got really serious between that other guy of hers. Best thing to do would be to either move on or let things finish their course between her and this other guy. If you go after her now, she will just continue to string you along.

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