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i dont get it

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Do you normally orgasm?


If yes, it may have been stress, lack of lubrication, or too much focus on TRYING to orgasm, which tends to have opposite effect.


If you have NOT had one, you need to learn how to give yourself one, so you can show him. Most women do not orgasm through penetration alone, and need clitoral stimulation (with his fingers/hand/tongue or even if he is positioned right with his pubic bone or penis). Again, trying to stress too much about having one will diminish chances of having them as the stress limits the ability. Just enjoy it.


Anyway, learn how to get them through masturbation, then show him what works for you. Don't worry too much about it if you don't have one, many women take a while before they can start having them with their partners. It also relates to your comfort with your partner and your comfort with your own sexuality.

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