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What to do - any idea's

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I would appreciate some thoughts on the following - Met a girl at a party a week ago, we talked a bit - I have some tickets to a show that everyone wants to go to - She asked who I was taking and when I said I didn't know yet, she hinted she would like to go and I should keep her in mind...


Well, I decided to call her this week and ask her out.. I tried calling twice but only got her voicemail.. with the second call I decided to leave a voicemail saying I wandered if she wanted to do something and she should call me...


Haven't heard anything in three days and am wondering if I should ring again, or take it as a sign she is not interested?


Would appreciate views... Was thinking she is a.) not interested b.) not going to respond to a voicemail asking her is she wanted to do something c.) waiting a few days as not to look too desparate..


Thoughts folks?

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Well since she hasnt contacted you back about your proposal I would take that as a hint and realize that she isnt exactly interested in you. It always possible that she will contact you and say how busy she was thats why she couldnt contact you, but we all know thats bs. I would look for another person to take in the mean time.

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