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So I had a crush on my coworker. I had kept it a secret. I told two coworkers and I think they told him. I had a conversation with him after he found out. We continued to work the rest of the day but it was awkward. Since then he got fired and when I text him it says he’s read the message but he doesn’t respond. I would like to say bye to him before he moves. Just trying to figure out how long to give him space. Before he found out my secret we were great coworkers. 

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Unfortunately I've learned the only safe place for a secret is in your own head. If you don't want it getting out, trust no one with it. Otherwise you end up in awkward situations. Let things come out on your time, under your conditions.

How long has it been since his last day? If it just happened, he might not be in the mood to think about that place. I know whenever I've been let go, the last thing I wanted was to be reminded of what had happened to me. If he's moving, that is also a big task which might be occupying his time. His not answering might just be him being busy. Or he might not know what to say. It may not actually be about you.

If you feel like contacting him again, do it. Just say what you said here, that you'd like a chance to meet up and say goodbye before he moves. I'm not a fan of games of having to wait some set period. If you feel its something you need to do for you, then you should do it. Its better then constantly doubting yourself and wondering what to do. Keep it simple and be honest. After that, realize you did your part and the ball is in his court. Realize that even if he doesn't respond, that's on him, not you. And at least you'll know instead of having to wonder and stress over it.

Also, why not call? Its easy to ignore a text. But perhaps he'd be more open if he is actually talking with you?

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3 hours ago, anniegirl said:

So I had a crush on my coworker. I had kept it a secret. I told two coworkers and I think they told him. 

Then it wasnt so much of a secret lol

Also, no, dont contact him. You already did and he ignored you, that is a clear sign that you shouldnt bother him anymore.

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9 hours ago, anniegirl said:

I would like to say bye to him before he moves

It's not all about what you want. You have to be mature enough to know that when the ball you lobbed isn't returned, you need to respect the other's wishes.

Time to learn from what I'm assuming is youthful mistakes. Obviously, your co-workers are as young and inexperienced in the dating world as you, since they crossed boundaries and told this guy something they shouldn't have. As you can see, that created awkwardness and ended badly.

If it's a bf you want, it's usually best to seek that outside of work. Can you join a co-ed sports team, a school club, do volunteer work where guys your age also volunteer, etc? You can also look into what Meetup.com groups are in your area. Good luck.

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