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Women or men help! Is she flirting or being friendly!!??

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I AM VERY CONFUSED!! Okay, I do bookkeeping and sales for a company, and I go to the bank at least twice a week to make deposits for my company. Well, there is this teller that has been working there for over a year, and if she is available, I always go to her. Well, this goes back to 2004. She's always laughing, and is very playful towards me. She is a smart allic towards me alot, but I am back to her, but its in a playful way and to me seems flirtatious as well. Also, she always drops little bits about herself and always has little conversations with me as well. And I've never seen her do this with any other customer really.

Well in January, I wanted to ask her out, but wanted to be sure she was single, so I asked a girl that worked with her if she was, but she said she was dating someone that worked there. I was a little bummed out, but she still constantly flirts with me it seems like. Today when I walked in, she goes "What's Going On Sunshine?" Am I looking into this too much? Somebody tell me what is going on...By the way I am 24, and she is 22. Any imput would greatly help. Thank you.

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it MIGHT be flirting, but it sounds like it is more likely to be her just being friendly. Some people are really friendly like that and sometimes come off as flirting. Then again it wouldn't hurt to try to ask her out like lifeiscash suggested, just to be sure!

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