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I can't catch a break?

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These last couple of years have been ROUGH.
I'm 26, 2 years ago I left a 6 year abusive, traumatic relationship. Since then, I've managed to only date emotionally unavailable people. The 2 most recent have hit the hardest because I genuinely thought they were invested in me too. And suddenly 6 months in, they weren't over their ex.
To top that off, my 23 year old sister OD'd (and died) 4 months ago and I ran up a 3000$ vet bill and got my apartment broken into.

I'm in therapy and medicated and not suicidal, but goddamn when is it my time to get better 
I feel like I'm headed for a stroke at this rate

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I'm very sorry about the loss of your sister.  You seem kind of passive in what were your choices -you "managed to date" -but this was a choice.  Many relationships end after 4-6 months - it's hard but it's fairly typical.  I know it feels overwhelming.  What are you doing each day to take care of yourself? 

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I agree... we need to feel okay with ourselves before we get involved again. I feel you are not quite there yet.

As you are so affected negatively with someone not as into you after 6 months time. 

Maybe you should just consider some more time to focus on your own self and no expectations re: dating/ getting involved again.

Men can & will get frustrated the same way.. but sadly, so many people expect immediate results , but it doesn't often work that way.  We could be out there talking and/or meeting people for years before we find someone we 'connect' with and have it succeed.

I am very sorry to hear of your loss 😞 . That is just another negative on you.. Loss is painful.  I am glad that you are seeking prof help at this time ( especially grief counselling).

Do you have support of some close friends and family?  That would be good for you to know you have someone to lean on.

One day at a time.. TC of you ❤️ 


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My heart goes out to you for your loss of your sister, and the rest of the chaos doesn't help, I'm sure.

Stay with the therapy, and possibly ask for a more intensive schedule until you feel more stabilized.

Meanwhile, grasp that you are not screening your dates well enough to learn whether they are rebounding or otherwise unsuitable BEFORE getting more involved with them.

The goal of dating is to screen OUT bad matches, not to keep dating anyone who will see you in order to 'win' them out of their unsuitability.

Allow bad matches to pass early.

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