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My father was not ready for this marriage reason being intercaste but i literally pleaded him....what i did not know that I have a monster in law....on the first visit to his home she showed me and my parents one picture of the prospective bride they finalized for him... imagine the plight of my parents but still they agreed for my sake... some how they always have an excuse for not marrying.... after so many arguments and all we had finally convinced them for this year December ...but sheis not allowing that tooo the worst part is my. Boyfriend never accept his parents fault.....iall love vanished i want to end my relationship

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Why were your parents with you when you first went to your bfs mothers house?


This is a cultural thing where normally he would enter an arranged marriage? But you don’t belong to the same culture?

Is there also a religious difference?


Why was your father so against it? And I notice your mother didn’t have an opinion? Is that also a cultural thing ?


Well, it seems that since you are the female in this relationship, you need to accept what’s thrown at you or get out?


Did you have a question? Or just venting?


It seems you have made your decision to end the relationship and I would be inclined to agree that it is a good decision.

So, I guess you just need to end it.


Were you perhaps meaning to ask how to go about it and tell your father??

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