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Hi guys


So I've been in therapy since I left my ex 6 months ago and just want to move on!


I have been through a lot with exs drugs, missing sex toys, getting an STD (herpes) and emotional abuse.


The new man I've met is 32 seems really nice understanding considerate available open realiable interested respectful cute. We've been on two dates food and drinks. He's not into drugs/ weird sex normal job... so ideal


Now I've got this far I'm questioning how I can tell him about the herpes without him blowing a gasket. I know it's common, no one wants it, I have a very mild case (1 outbreak in a year). I wouldn't do it till I trust him and of course get to know him more 👍🏼 But I'm just pondering the idea. For now it's once a week dates what's the best timescale to build up trust x


Thanks 🙏🏽

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he would be even more mad if you held off so long when he is invested and wanting to take the next step...not fair. Explain your past to him, about your ex, etc, then say before we take this to the next step, you have to be honest about something, then tell him that your ex gave you herpes. You can't hide from it, it just has to come out.

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