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Very conflicted


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Alright, so I'm beyond my old posts about my ex which is awesome lol


But now I find myself in a strange spot with another girl.


A few months back, a girl I worked with (she was on her way out of the job, so at that point it was allowed) and I went on a few dates. Things got physical and all that stuff, but in spite that, it was very uncertain for me. I was kinda wishy washy, but very transparent about it. About 2 months went by of dating and stepping back from sleeping with each other, and I was getting to the point where I was more certain I was ready to commit.


The day I was gonna make it official, she ghosted and come to find out was seeing someone else.


It wasn't much skin off my back since we weren't anything official, so I just went back to focusing on my school, work, and music.



We come to now (well past couple months):

She confessed her love for me on that sarahah app -while with her now ex-

She snaps me often (I never use snap, so why anyone sends me anything is confusing)

And has been randomly texting me (I've grown distant from phones due to my previous relationship requiring me to answer at a moment's notice..)


So after her efforts, and putting what happened in the past with her ghosting behind me, she wanted to hang.


I said whatever and went about it as if we were just gonna hang out and catch up, since I told her we were better off being friends at this point when she first made the sarahah post.



We're hanging out at a bar and just catching up, and her sister comes out and things start getting awkward. She was hovering and all his crap while we talked. I was still under the impression it was just a friend's thing, but I was catching vibes.


The thing that made it obvious was when we hopped to a new spot and I was trying to put music on the jukebox, and a cute girl came up and gave me a couple bucks to put some Timberlake on (I'm a huge fan lol)


Her sister walks up and gives me stink eye, so I pull her aside and said "don't forget about what happened, *girl whom I'm discussing* did what she did, and I'm not really forgetting it. We're still cool though"


She gets mad and asks if I want a drink. I didn't want drama so I said whatever



End of the night rolls around and I gotta drop the girl off, and while walking to my car she starts kissing me and saying "I miss you, I'm sorry" and the lot.


I get awkward in those spots and say " I missed you too, but it's been a while"

I was tipsy, so I kissed back not thinking.


But I drop her off and she tries to kiss, and I Dodge it.




Now to where I'm at: I know I have lingering feelings for the chick, but still have the same concern I did when we were first dating.

Do I take this girl's apologies and stuff seriously, and see where it goes? Or do I just draw a line. It's a tough spot, since she owned up to it pretty well. Just didn't help my attraction towards her (which was a build up from curiosity for sure. )


Very strange spot. Half venting, but thoughts/input would be appreciated

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