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Heya there. So ive heard my ex is going on dates and i feel like she doesnt care about me anymore. I know it sounds stupid since we arent together anymore and havnt been for a few months now. I just feel so connected to her and i cant stop thinking aboput her and all we have been through.


my question is is it easy for a girl to shut down feelings and move on? i cant understand how its so easy for her to throw what we had away.

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Sorry you are hurt, it is hard to guess what is going on in her mind, but going on a date, does not necessary means she forgot all about you, we cope with pain differently, sometimes it is just easier to deal with a break up while you have your focus on something/somebody else... it doesn t have to be something serious, but you know, it is better to dress up, put on a nice face, go on a date with somebody then staying home feeling sorry for yourself.... we all need distraction... fun... even while we are hurt... Maybe you should also try something to keep yourself busy while healing, not saying dating if you don t feel like, but meeting people could ease your pain... give it a try!

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Currently living through this too.


Yes, even if she is hurting too, she will do everything in her power to make it look like she doesn't care for you, even if that means over-investing in a rebound relationship.


Relationships are a hardcore game, once a breakup occurs, nothing can be brought back. Actually I think that it should be a written law to consider your ex SO dead.

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Let me tell you how my EX did this....


She dumped me...


Within 3 weeks she was on a dating site.... 3 weeks later she had a new BF...

Initially she blocked me everywhere...But apparently she unblocked me on FB so I could see her new Profile Picture with her new BF.... We were together for almost 3 years and we never had a profile pic together... She is with this guy for a couple of months and a profile picture comes up???? haha... However since I did not look at her social media, I had no clue about her Profile Picture... Obviously she was hoping to stir me up... And I was not stirring...haha... So, since I was not reacting (as she hoped), she then used a mutual friend to pass the picture my way...However, I declined to see it... So, again the plan failed... Months went by.... I remained in NC and healed myself...Took a bit, but was much needed... In mean time she still used this mutual friend as her spy... And I knew what he was doing...Some of his questions to me were quite obvious... I eventually met someone... And now I am with her... Obviously the EX found out...Our mutual friend (the spy) discontinued his engagement with me... I am certain she pulled him off the 007 job.... So now she is sitting there stewing....haha... BTW: my EX is 41.... Do I care? Hek NO.... I am living my life... Will she pop up? Maybe... But I will have to say NO THANKS....


Do I think she still cares about me in some shape and form..? I think so.... But I cannot control her... Only control me....


There you go

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That's what happens as time passes after a breakup. Those bad memories get replaced with the good ones, and

some find themselves missing what they had. You didn't give details of your relationship, but after a few months

post breakup it's not unusual to be dating again. The more time that passes, the easier it is to get back out there

and have fun. We don't shut our feelings down, and we most certainly never forget. But feelings do fade when

time is spent apart from the other, especially if there's no contact.

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