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Does she know I'm interested?


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I met a girl at a meetup today. We had pretty good conversations and connected well. I asked her for her number and said that we should hang out sometime to which she said yes and gave me her number. Now, in the context of the meetup, does she know that I'm interested in asking her out since I'm asking for her number? Or is it possible that she thinks I'm looking for a friend since it is a meetup after all? I can't tell if she's single or not. Would she give out her number and agree to "hang out" if she has a boyfriend?

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Well, as I understand it, Meetups are not necessarily singles events. What was the meetup for?


I've found some girls can be totally oblivious that a guy is trying to ask them out, so you have to be clear. Call her up and ask her out on a date. Don't say, hey, you want to hang out? Ask her if she's single and whether she would like to go to dinner with you, or the movies, etc. Don't play around.

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From a girls point of view with a best friend who is male I can say male and female possibly see this kind of thing very differently..


women are willing to give out numbers to be friendly, or not make you feel awkward. Have you texted her at all? And had conversations since then?

I do not think it's safe to assume she thinks you're asking her out. Since it's not a dating themed meet up. But more so to just meet people in general as friends etc..


With all this being said that's not to say you don't have a good chance. Text her, get to know her better for a few days, then maybe ask to take her to dinner?


I say dinner because my guy friend always asks girls out for coffee but in my opinion if you are genuinely interested in dating a woman "dinner" sets the tone and makes

things much more obvious where coffee can be misinterpreted as a friendly hang out- unless that is what you want. good luck!

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