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  1. Well in reality, you will possibly never stop loving him. I lost my ex three years ago we were engaged and everything. I will never totally lose the love I had for him. ironically he still stalks my social media lol. but at the same time, I know that people are selfish. and for yourself you need to honestly acknowledge things are how they are and continue to live your life. if its truly meant to be then he will come back around. but soulmates love one another unconditionally and I do not think he is worth it. just how I love my ex still and HE cheated on me and wants nothing to do with me....
  2. yes I agree with the above. change your number and see if it all quiets down. if he STILL finds ways to harass you block him on everything. and if he STILL somehow finds a way to contact you, like finding out your new number or driving past your house you definitely need to do something about it whether he is a cop or not... but first change your number and block him on everything and see if he just goes away. he could possibly just be messing with you because you're allowing it to continue.
  3. that's very possible, I don't know too much about how all of that works. i'm just afraid he would show up to your house now and hurt you. i'm afraid that if you don't do anything about it then he will find a way to hurt you regardless of being a cop or not. have you tried just talking to him on the phone during one of his calls and saying you can not see him anymore and to please stop calling you? and if his behavior continues to escalate you do need to do something about it. def try changing your number first, if anything.
  4. First I would say just change your number. Maybe he is just messing with you. if all he's been doing is calling you for a few months straight it isn't necessarily threatening. I'm just afraid to tell you to not call the police because I don't want to automatically assume he wouldn't do anything or take it to extremes. He could be paranoid you'd tell his wife even. You never know with people these days what they are capable of. You might need to tell your parents if the behavior escalates. You want to make sure you stay safe. And please don't date older men it is ALWAYS dangerous!! I never date
  5. When I was 20 a 34 year old was interested in me and it was extremely creepy. He isn't THAT old but he's old enough for it to be weird especially since he is married. Being a cop is even more dangerous because he is armed. All I can say is if it continues you might need to get the police involved because regardless of what you do he will know where you live.
  6. My parents are somewhat controlling, specifically with dating and finding me a man so I kind of get where you're coming from. All I can say is to take this opportunity if you see it being a job you'd be okay working, and continue to tell them it is your life your decision on things. Just continue to be assertive. It's honestly all you can do with family unless you choose to cut ties completely, which I don't see necessary unless it's genuinely affecting your quality of life.
  7. I would honestly just tell my parents and call the police. It depends on how old you are? I'm assuming very early 20's like 21-23? Only because if he knows where you live you don't want him driving by. I've had an ex do that and it was scary. If he's married messing with younger women he doesn't seem to have a very trustworthy character. Keep yourself safe. Has this been going on long now?
  8. I absolutely hate ghosting more than anything else. Whether you say it bothers you or not it is so rude. Someone should at least have the maturity and courtesy enough to tell you that they are not interested or it isn't working out for them. I've been ghosted on so many times and it's only made me feel like after all that time of pretending I was so great, or so sexually attractive, in reality they did not care enough to tell me goodbye and that they appreciated my time... I know it might sound like I care too much but I think it's a big issue that it's become such a common trend these days ev
  9. I agree with the above. Regardless of bi, gay, or straight. He is trying to have sexual partners behind your back. That's good enough reason to leave. Once a cheater always a cheater he can never be trusted again in my opinion. He should know better and be more committed to you, especially having a baby. I'm sorry.
  10. I agree with the above. Soulmates totally complete eachother.. My Mom was dating five guys when she was a teen. Then met my Dad and immediately stopped seeing all of them. She said she just knew her and my Dad were meant to be.
  11. xcookie7x


    Learn from my dumb a$$ and stop getting wasted with guys you genuinely like. It's a major turn off to them. I lost SO many potential men because I thought it was fun to get drunk with them. Guys don't think it's cute, it makes you look trashy. One drink isn't bad, but to be the level of drunk it sounds like you were at is not good. I'm sorry but I think this gave him a really bad impression of you. I'd move on, have a fresh new start and new you. If he misses you mutually he will let you know, I promise.
  12. 4+ hours isn't that long tbh. I give a person a full 24 hours before I start to get concerned lol. And personally, she could be playing hard to get to see how much you like her. to see if you care. after having my body used to many times I'm afraid a guy will never like me for more than sex and ive specifically said "I'm not that easy" to get the message across. I think ask to see her again and see how it goes. try texting her a few more days. by then you should have a better understanding of where you are with her. and if you need to, just ask. most girls aren't freaked out when a guy maturel
  13. I think he might have been surprised. Maybe he thought YOU only thought of him as a friend. If he's calling you hot he obviously finds you physically attractive and friends or not he'd totally be into kissing. from my experience lol.. maybe he is trying to be a gentleman with you because he likes you more than just a body. but if a guy calls you hot he definitely has physical attraction so I have to say I think to some degree he must like you?
  14. Hmm you sound like me lol. I lost my "soul mate" three years ago and since then hes moved on with someone else. Meanwhile. I am still single and lonely. Don't be like me, move on. I know it's incredibly difficult and painful but there is no promise he will ever be back so don't dwell on it. Once people break up it is a rarity they get back together unless they just take a break and work on self growth without either person holding any anger or resentment over it. Given the initial break up seemed to hurt so bad and he's made it clear he resents you for it, he might never want to get back toget
  15. I do, he said he wanted to spend my birthday with me on the last date we were on. So this coming weekend I will be seeing him again. I'm hoping it's just generally a fun time and puts things in better perspective. Thanks for the help
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