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Good afternoon.


Never did I think the day would come, when I would be asking a bunch of strangers for advice...but here goes!


I was in an on-off relationship for 4 years, which was very messy at times and left me kind of not caring at all about meeting a new woman, and simply just being negative to the idea. So it was a little bit to my surprise when I started working at a new job, and I met this girl that I instantly clicked with. We work on opposite shifts, but sometimes we get a couple of hours together, and we usually talk a lot during our time together. We had been flirting for some while which ended up in us meeting for a beer last friday, where we got kind of drunk. She told me that she had liked me for some time now, and that she was very into me, and I also did the same. We ended sleeping together that night. So I decided on the Sunday to do the right thing and asking her out on a date, which she replied yes to and suggested the day. So I am supposed to be going on a date with her next saturday, but since I asked we have not talked a lot on facebook or social media, and not had a shift together. Now am I going crazy to think that maybe she is getting cold feet, or maybe she just doesn´t want to spend all of her time on facebook talking, and so on. Maybe she is just taking it slow, because we work together, and are going out on a date?

I usually wouldn´t think like this, but it´s been 4 years since I was dating so I feel a bit lost at the moment...


Hope someone can answer this...


Thanks for your time.

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So far so good. If you want to chat between dates text her or call, but not excessively. Keep it about what to do on dates etc. Messaging on SM too much is friendzone stuff...don't do it.

I am supposed to be going on a date with her next saturday, but since I asked we have not talked a lot on facebook or social media
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Maybe she nervous like u and dont know what to say. Maybe she also dont want to talk and then when u go out have nothing else to talk about. I think u should send her a text and let her know that u cant wait to see her on Saturday. Dont over think, the mind can be our worst enemy

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Are you saying you haven't said one word to her since you had sex?


If that's the case, I'd be hurt if I were either of you.


Send her a text asking how's she's doing and telling confirming that you're still on for Saturday. During your date you can lightly discuss what her communication style is so that you will know enough to match hers.

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