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To anyone dealing with a broken heart....

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I just recently came back to this site and was looking through all my threads. Man was I in a really screwed up place. Even after all the advice I was given I continued my relationship with this man that caused me so much agony and despair for another year (thats 3 all together for those keeping track at home) I gave him every single piece of me and to make things worse, he had been cheating on me the ENTIRE time. He gaslighted me, manipulated me, broke me, destroyed my self esteem. I hit rock bottom. But now 6 months after completely cutting him off cold turkey i can wholeheartedly say that i have made a complete 180. I am learning to love myself again and put myself first. Im doing things i love to do. Im distancing myself from everything and everyone thats toxic. And after a LONG LONG time i am finally happy again...legit happy. Not the "fake it till you make it" kind. For anyone that is still in despair, please be kind to yourself. TIME REALLY DOES HEAL and it will get better. love and hugs to all ❤

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It's a common story for many people, they seek help, then push on the same as before as it is often too much to make the change or they have been so invested in it they do not wish to leave it if there is still hope.


Keep pushing on and stay happy.

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