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Fear seeing my ex


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My ex and I broke up exactly 4 months ago. Well he actually broke up with me for good 2 weeks before I realized it and moved on with his life and was an utter jerk to me. I was very attached: he took my ring to size for an engagement ring, extended families met, he constantly pushed to be with my parents the last 3 months of the relationship and suddenly over the last 2 weeks of the relationship flipped a switch, said he doesn't think he wants marriage now or anytime soon, says I'm (me) too stressed and it's because of him (so lame), and to be in touch. We haven't had much contact other than a lame HNY text and that's that. I'm sad, at times obsessive but keeping NC because I realize more clearly now what a bulleti dodged.


Here's the thing: we live a mile and a half away from one another and I constantly fear seeing him. I look bettter than I did then so I don't know what the problem is other than I may just be seeking validation I know I'll never get but I travel 8 miles for meals that are 1 mile from my place just to avoid him.


Is this normal? Again, 4 months out.

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What would you do if you actually came face to face with him? That may happen so you need to think about how you might react. If you do see him you can just keep walking, you dont need to talk to him. Hopefully you learn to not stress about seeing him and can live your life in peace and stop going miles away for things that are close by.

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Yes it's normal to feel the way that you do. As time goes by, you will one day wake up and realize that you no longer care, it's just not likely to happen today. It does take time to heal and move on and sounds like you are doing all you can. Agree with above that you do need to decide what you will do if you happen to run into him one day. Ignore, nod hello and move on, exchange a few civil pleasantries, etc. If you have a plan in mind on how you will treat the situation, maybe that will help you reduce your anxiety. It's ye olde you can't control running into him but you sure control what you do about it.

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