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How do you deal with being told you’re not enough?


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My ex broke up with me so cruelly a while ago, I just haven’t been able to get over it and I don’t know how too. He basically text me when I thought we was happy, telling me it wasn’t working out, he needs someone on the same level of wage as him etc It made me feel so and hurt because in the next breath I’m amazing etc. I don’t know why he said this, he dated women with wages the same as mine. We met up a few weeks back had fun and made out, then obviously he’s dropped off the face of the earth.


Since then, I’ve just felt really , I’ve been feeling so low with no self esteem. I’ve went on dates etc, guys want more with me, but I just can’t connect I worry that once I start feeling they’ll just do what he did. I know meeting him was probably the worst idea, because it messed me up again. I’m angry with him in my head, but then also want to speak with him, I haven’t text him for over a week, and no contact from him either. I just don’t know how to move on, I feel like I miss him when I go out with other guys and I just feel like there’s something missing, when I don’t know why when he’s made me feel so about myself. It’s like i want to be validated by him to know I’m enough.

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He's superficial and greedy. He will run into problems down the line because of it. You dodged a bullet.


While you are healing, please try to recognize your self-worth. You are valuable to yourself and others. To help recognize this, consider surrounding yourself with friends, practicing self-improvement (gym, career, counseling, etc.), and taking up new hobbies. Also, lay off the dating for a while. It's making you feel bad. Just friends for now, until you determine you are ready to date again.


Pulling for you. Best of luck.

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Do not ever let a man determine your own self worth.

You are not beneath him, nor anyone, and just like everyone, you have great qualities to offer.

Give yourself to the right person, not a man who is so willing to dispose of you because he feels

you aren't in line with his standards. He just isn't right for you, but someone is.

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