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I messed things up bad and don't want to lose a good man


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I don't know what is wrong with me. I met a wonderful man. Some months into the relationship, things started going south. Yeah, he cheated. But of course, after that, I did too. I maintained a friendship with one of my former male friends. This mad the current man in my life very jealous. I promised I wouldn't see this person again, yet I did. Nothing happened between us physically but I think I became emotionally attached to this other person.

After 1+ years of doing everything in my power to screw this relationship up, I want to keep it. I realized how much I love this man. I've been doing everything in my power to convince him that I am a changed person. I know the trust thing is an issue.

And here's the really sad part - I am not a young woman - nearly 63. But more than anything I want to prove to this man that I am worthy of being trusted again.


I'm really at a loss. He says we are broken. I want to fix. Any great ideas of what I can do would be appreciated.



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