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Confused about his emotions


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My boyfriend claims he doesn't cry, like ever. He doesn't cry about sad things or when he's mad, he didn't even cry at the birth of his daughter (not that, that's a necessary thing for fathers to do). In the last 3 months he's almost cried on three separate occasions due to something evolving the two of us and today is the first he's actually full on cried. Him and his ex girlfriend were together for six years and not once did he cry during that relationship but he cried three times today over the possibility of me leaving. I'm not sure to think of it, anyone have any ideas?!

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We've taken care of what we were fighting about. we've talked it out and everything is good.

@Kam11; I've heard the same thing and I agree completely, each person is different. But I'm also the only relationship that he says he's felt like this about and I believe it cause if that wasn't at least partially true he would still be married to his ex wife or with the mother of his daughter.

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