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Break up to make up?


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So you break up with your boyfriend 1.5 years and he has sex with another girl 5 days later, claims he regrets it & you not being the bigger person is hurt and has sex with a guy but not enjoyable.


Trying to get back together?


Reconciles ?

How did you both handle this?

Are you guys happy now?

Or broken up?

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Ooh I know the answer!!!!


Everyone's hurt, people got used, theres no happiness, and they are still broken up!! Lol


Rebound sex is useless, and why even tell the other person? To hurt them?

A break up means each is free to do as they wish, even if it was done quickly.


Literally sounds about right.

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Although I agree that the person who broke up with the other is obviously responsible for the breakup and needs to face the consequences, I also think it's in really bad taste to sleep with someone 5 days later. Personally, I don't think very highly of people who hook up very quickly after a breakup. I've never been able to do that.


I have some old-fashioned values. I think it cheapens intimacy and it has always indicated to me that the intimacy shared in the relationship meant less. I've never jumped to another person. I've spent time alone and grieved.


I wouldn't get back together with someone if I knew they had hooked up with someone else so quickly.

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