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Parents think I'm a negative person?

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I have tons of self esteem issues and my parents sometimes make it worse. All my life, I have struggled making friends, not because I hate people, but I've come across crappy non friends. My parents say I'm unfriendly when they observe my behavior. Usually I'm unfriendly because some guy (old or young) will make an inappropriate remark/comment and if I tell my parents, they tell me that's the reason that I don't have many friends, that I need to be more open cause people are just being friendly. Like an old man commented how tight my dress was (weird af), I completely ignored him and my parents thought I was being mean, that he didn't mean any harm. Why do they act like this?

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You can't control how other people act. Getting worked up about things you can't control is pointless.


I would tell off some creepy old dude for being a sleese too.


Your parents will be your parents. Just have enough confidence in your actions to not care.


Also if some guy told my daughter he liked her tight dress then that fellow and myself will be exchanging some words.

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OP, when reading your previous threads I would have to say that I agree with your parents. You DO seem very negative, you talk about how you hate being you, low self esteem, feeling inadequate, depressed and on and on and on. Most of your threads DO have a lot of negativity in them. Several people have suggested professional counselling. After reading several threads I would agree with that too. You clearly are an unhappy person - maybe some professional help will be of benefit to you.

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I'll give you the same advice I gave my oldest son, when he complained about his wife, and how she thought he was acting like a jerk.

"Stop acting like a jerk."


While I know your negatively may have different roots and causes, you must start in the same spot.

Today, stop being so negative!

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