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How do I let a guy know I'm into him without sounding stupid


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Hey guys, I'm really hoping you can help me...cuz I am such a chicken when it comes to dating. I really like this guy, who is only one year older than me, but goes to a different school...so I don't get to see him. When I talk to him, I always end up saying something stupid because I'm trying so hard to say the right things...because our online conversations always have to be short [he's really busy]. He's not a big one for online chatting, so I don't get to talk to him much, but when I do, I'm always afraid of coming off as boring or lame.


How can I get him to ask me out...or just let him know that I like him without sounding really pathetic?

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If you only know him through like the internet, then whats the worst that can happen? If he doesn't know anyone that kows you, odn't worry, cuz all that can happen is him rejecting you (im guessing your worried he would tell people your a weirdo or something?). If however you seem him in real life, and he knows your friends etc, be carefull. I guess try abit of body language, like starring into eyes etc.

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Hey, it's me again.


It's not that I'm scared he'll tell people I'm a weirdo...I am weird ...it's more of the fact that I'm worried he'll be scared off. I'm really hung up on this guy, so I need to figure out a way to see him. I've been thinking about stopping by one of his upcoming soccer games...but I dunno.


For all you guys out there...what would you want a girl to do if she liked you? Keep in mind, this guy is extroverted, grade 11, and fairly popular...if you can relate, that'd be helpful too...like, what do guys like that want girls to do...


I appreciate ANY advice you can give.

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he's popular? at my school, all that means is that he is confident. be confident right back, and go to his soccor game, and memorize everything that happened (take notes, lol) and then talk to him after and be like wow! great game! great save! and judge on his reaction. his reaction should be a pretty good indicator. Also, a good indicator, does he try and get away from you as fast as he can? if so , respect it and move on to the guy who does have a crush on you, after all, your weird, and weird people usually attract the attention of at least ONE guy, right? its the laws of statistics!!

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