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Christmas Love for the Broken Hearted

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In the Spring of 2011, I was cruelly dumped (ghosted) and in bad shape. This came about a year after I lost my mom so I really got a double whammy. I joined this website and it was a lifesaver for me. Every year at Christmas, I try to come back here and post a poem I wrote for those of you who are brokenhearted. You can read this poem below.


I will never forget what I felt like, the pain, the suffering. I think I cried for a year, always hoping my ex would come back. Months slowly turned to years and over time I came to understand my ex's flaws and understand myself and each day the pain became less and less. Now, 6 years later, I would never take my ex back.


For those of you who are suffering today, taken down by pain and sorrow, I just wanted to tell you that one day your pain will end and you will get through this. Unfortunately you have to go through the pain to get over the pain. You will learn from this. You will be amazed at the strength you have inside. I really wish that I could hold and comfort some of you today, knowing full well how you are feeling. If you are going through a dark time and you think that there is no future or that nobody cares about you or that you are worthless and unworthy of love. Let me just say that I love you and I care about you and I think you are special and a gift to this world. The power to be happy is inside of you and it is much stronger than you think it is. One day your suffering will end and there will be someone who truly appreciates you. Please don't ever give up that hope. Keep marching forward. To everyone here, I love all of you and I wish you joy this Christmas. I know it is hard, but try to find that joy, if even for a fleeting moment, perhaps a favorite Christmas song or a special moment with your family. You deserve to have joy.


I wrote something about 5 years ago that expresses the love and compassion I feel for my fellow broken hearted and I try to come back here every Christmas. I hope at least one person can find some comfort in my words.


Christmas Love for the Broken Hearted


To those lost souls, riddled with pain

as someone near and dear was taken from this earth

just like I had


To the sad, lonely hearts

left by ones they loved

Discarded away in an instant

just like I was


The those who lay suffering

With despair and sorrow

broken and empty

no faith in tomorrow


I feel you

I cradle you in my arms

To soothe you and heal your pain

Wrapping my warmth around your soul


You are worthy and special

You are loved and appreciated

By someone


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Thank you. It's going to be a long healing process. I too, had a family with my ex and this is my first Christmas without them. It was rough but I'm glad the day is almost over. Tomorrow will be another cycle of waking up, realizing that we are no longer sharing a bed and living a life together, and going through the day trying to maintain composure. Right now I have no plans on dating anyone else because I am still getting over things. I am lacking motivation to enjoy my free time because when I'm alone I constantly see images of her in my head and I remember all the good memories we've shared. The loneliness hurts and sometimes the pain is too much to bear.


But at least I will be working tomorrow to keep my mind off of things. I am glad the holiday season is coming to a close. Sorry for unloading my feelings. I guess this is my way of saying I am touched by your words.

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