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Why the dumper likes and follows you on social media

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In our generation, social media plays a big role in connectivity, socializing, and relationships. Many people use social media as a guideline to let people know what their life is like. After my breakup, I️ was not hesitant to unfollow my ex, and not interact with him via social media. But, he deemed it necessary to like my posts and even follow me on multiple platforms. Why?


The mind of a dumpee is constantly at a whirlwind, interpreting everything their ex does in their head as if it were a mathematical equation. Please stop doing this, it will not help you.


It is very unlikely that a dumper will like your posts as a way of saying “I️ miss you”. I️ have dumped people before, and when I️ like their posts, it means I️ just like what they’ve posted.


Why does your ex view your Snapchat story?

Because they are curious. Curiosity doesn’t equal a want to reconcile, they probably just wanna see what you’re doing. Also, your story was at the top of the list so they’re bound to view it.


Why does your ex like your selfies?

They think you look good. Congrats! But this doesn’t equate to missing you and wanting to reconcile at all. It just means they think you look nice.


Why did my ex follow me?

This is stranger territory. After my ex broke up with me, I️ blocked and then unblocked him so it made him unfollow me by force. A month later, he followed me again which I️ did the block-unblock method again. There could be many reasons why an ex (especially a dumper) followed you randomly.

1. They want you to know they still exist (Hey, did you forget about me yet?)

2. They want to mess with you (If I️ follow them, I️ know they will think about it and constantly ask why)

3. They are lonely and want attention, yikes

4. They want to be in your life, but platonically (Indifference)

5. They want you back but don’t know how to approach it


Why does my ex keeps messaging me about stupid things?

Because you let them, and they know you will reply. Tell them you don’t want to talk to them, and that you wish them the best. These are called BREADCRUMBS, which is basically testing the waters to see if you’ll succumb to them again. Find your worth and don’t reply. This will make them ponder, trust me.

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The general feeling on this message board is to just block an ex you don't want to hear from again. Keep him off your social media and don't unblock him. It makes you look like you're thinking of him. That way, you don't have to wonder whether he wants to reconcile or not or wh he's going out with. No Contact is the best way.

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I never thought if it that way. That a dumper would be interested in what youre doing or if you exist. Really do they do that? Ive dumped people before but I was never interested in them in the first place so never had the need to look them up online.


Why do they do it if they got rid of you? Curiosity?


I got dumped back in July of this year and she didn't BLOCK me but just unfriended me. So there must be some truth to check up on you as you can still see some posts even if your not friends.

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This hasn't been true for me. Mine has been off Facebook since before we brokeup. I see him active on messenger every now and then but he never posts anything. I could not bring myself to delete him since we grew up together and will always have that hometown connection. But I did filter what he could and couldn't see. Part of me wants him to see me moving on and happy. Part of me wants him to know absolutely nothing. I still have a small amount of hope that one day we'll be back together again. So I'm not ready to burn bridges. But I am doing what I can to protect my heart for now.

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