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So confused by what this girl wants...


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I was talking to a girl on Tinder. We were going to go on a date, but I decided to cancel because I still wasn't over my ex. She was really nice about it. She messaged me a couple of months later and we arranged to go on another date. My taxi got delayed so I was late and she was quite angry. However, during the meal she calmed down after I had apologized profusely. She seemed quite keen. She asked loads of questions, she paid for everything and she drove me home. She asked me if I'd like to hang out again to which I said yes.


That night she messaged me when she was out with friends. She said she had had a really nice time and asked me how my night was. She continued to message me until about 3 in the morning.


I responded to her when I woke up, but she hasn't messaged back. I don't know why she's gone from being so keen to being completely disinterested.

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If she messaged til 3 am and you messaged when you woke up - perhaps she was asleep when you woke up. What does she want? its Tinder - so i assume a hookup because she wasn't scared off by the fact you are still not over your ex. BTW, did she send you tons of messages til 3 am that you didn't get because you were sleeping? maybe she was drunk?


The big question is are you over your ex?

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