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Hello, I will cut right to the chase: My fiance left her game chat window open, and I saw her having a conversation with a guy she has played online games with before. During the conversation, she asked if he had a significant other. Do I need to be concerned with this, or am I just being paranoid?

Read on if you need more info:

The context of the question was exactly: "Do you have a significant other, and do they play video games? It's great that (myself) and I can play games together, since we don't see eachother often."

Background - I have been with my fiance for a year now. We MET through playing video games, and I essentially stole her from her current boyfriend at the time that she was unhappy with. (I know, bad me) At the very beginning of our relationship I caught her sexting with that same ex boyfriend, but since then (a year later) I have had no suspicion or evidence of her being unfaithful. She does have a tendency to be forward (in a nosey way) when she gets to know someone.

TLDR: Fiance asked a dude if he had a significant other, should I be concerned or am I paranoid?

Thanks for any advice!

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How you got her will always haunt you.....


It does, and I hope one day I can get past it. I'm not proud of how we ended up together. It's the 1st time I've ever been involved like that, as I always did respectfully stay out of others' relationships. We are so good for each other though, and she was very unhappy and on the cusp of leaving that BF anyhow.

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I see nothing wrong with the question. She asked if he had a significant other, and boasted about how her boyfriend is awesome because he games with her. because of the past history, i can understand your concern, but its a normal question to say "do you have kids? are you married?" to get to know someone in a platonic, non sexual social setting

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