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Bf dumped me but I think he was manipulated!


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So about two days ago, my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) who is sixteen and me, eighteen (also a gay couple in high school), broke up. That day, I stood home from school because I had a doctor’s appointment. In the morning, I didn’t text him to let him know if I was coming or not. So the day was going okay and then later on when school was over, he goes to a program that we both go to. He was with a friend and when I texted his phone explaining to him why I didn’t text him in the morning, the girl had his phone and was answering for him. She spoke to me the entire time and was having a full on conversation with me. At one point, she asked me what was going on with me and him and I didn’t go into specific details because I didn’t really want her to know the issues since she’s been known for ruining certain things and having a big mouth. When the program was finished, she texted me to tell me that he was cheating on me and that she found photos of another guy in his phone. This turned out to be a prank that was played by both of them. When he finally texted me, I confronted him about it and he said that he didn’t cheat but that an old friend of his sent a photo to him of a guy that he used to like in middle school because of how he treated him during some of his lowest times. He said that the photos brought back old memories and that they brought back old feelings. He then asked me if he could call me and we spoke. It turns out that he told the girl everything that we were going through when we had problems in the relationship and he showed her our texts from when things started to go bad. It turns out that she was on the phone with him the whole time and trying to tell him what to say. He gave her my number and she ended up calling me to tell me straight up that he wanted to dump me. When I asked her for the reason, she didn’t wanna say. His reasoning was that he was going through a lot of personal stress/issues and also me always arguing with him over every little things made him unhappy and wanted to break up. But, just days before, he never mentioned breaking up. He only said that he wanted to be with me and was willing to fix things but that things are complicated at the moment and he is just trying to figure out his feelings. The girl told him things like: “You guys have nothing in common anyway so what is the point in being together?” And then also said “If you’re unhappy then you should just dump him”. She basically added more fuel to the fire. I was very hurt and so far me and him haven’t made any contact yet. I heard from another manipulative friend from him that he said he doesn’t know if he’d wanna get back together with me and another friend said that he was crying and explained how he still does care but doesn’t want me back ever again. A close friend of mine texted him herself to see what’s really going on and he explained how he isn’t ready for a relationship at the moment but is willing to start fresh and possibly be friends first before dating again. He also told her that he’s ready to talk whenever I am but I honestly don’t know what to do. I want to but I also wanna give it more time and give him more space. He’s also been hanging out with the two manipulative girls a lot more lately. (Btw, the girl that caused these issues is a lesbian so there is no possible chance that she is trying to get with him. The other girl is already in a relationship and is just a close friend of his but even he doesn’t like hanging with her as much).


Another interesting detail to add is that I spoke to the other girl (not the lesbian) to tell her what the girl who caused the issues said and did and she started talking crap about her but later on in the night, on the girl’s Snapchat, they were all seen hanging out in the video and getting along.

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This girl sounds like a nightmare. She is immature, a meddler and manipulative. But the thing you need to focus on here, is that he is choosing her and choosing to be around her. That says something about him.


They all sound like a bunch of drama queens and you sound like a nice guy who doesn't play games. In my opinion, you sound walk away from all of them and find someone more decent.

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He is still a kid, for all intents and purposes, not ready for any kind of serious relationship. Judging from your past threads, this relationship has been full of drama, insecurity and immaturity.








The break-up was inevitable.


I would encourage you to go back and re-read your other threads to remind yourself why it's better that this is over now.

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Miss C I am supposed to be detective longstocking


op what can I add that hasn't been added ( well apart for a skype number to trap vulnerable people on forums like this )


He is a very childish young man , playing out with his silly girly friends ........... that two year age difference on this occasion is a big age difference .

You need to live life and enjoy life , this is neither , so think about your own happiness and what you need to do .

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