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My birthday


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You should go out and treat yourself to every freebie you can get on your birthday like free ice creams, a free desert, and so on. And just go out and walk around. Go look at the Christmas decorations and go Christmas shopping. Maybe you can sing Christmas songs along with street musicians, feed the squirrels by hand, or just go out and have fun. Don't give in to your depression.

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I want you to go do something you've never done before, and go do it. You need to retrain your brain with its association! Go skydiving, jet-skiing, scuba-diving. Get a massage. Go to some place fancy and order a dessert. Go hiking. Mountain climbing. Animal farm, and feed the goats. Volunteer at a shelter. Do a clothing drive. It's still early, so go do something you've never done or would never normally do.


Go now, leave work!

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