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Always teasing me, why?


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Hi guys!

Just would like some advice on a guy I’ve been dating. I will start at the beginning.... I met a guy 3-4 weeks ago we have been on 2 dates, we both texts and calls regularly. The first date was really good, the second he seemed a little quite but he did say he knew he was and it was nothing to do with me. We met through a dating site (I don’t get time to meet people with my job) I deleted my dating profile because I wasn’t searching and talking to anyone but he hasn’t, should I be concerned? Also whenever we talk on the phone and face to face he is constantly teasing me making jokes about me, but he’s laughing them off, why does he keep doing this? He teases me saying he wants my babies, loves me that sort of thing and teasing that he is messageing other girls but always says “only joking, I’m not messaging any other girls” he says he wants me. I don’t understand why he is being this way? I do laugh it off and try to tease him back but sometimes it’s too much.

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He's going through a goofy period. He feels comfortable around you. I think he likes you a lot. You only tease someone you like usually. But you could tell him he doesn't have to try as hard as he is. It's annoying you. Tell him you like serious guys and that may stop it.

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Some men think they're Han Solo when in reality they're idiots.


You can point this out to him if you like and hope that he changes? Or meet someone who's more developed.


Lol! True!


I don’t want to change him just don’t understand why he’s acting like an over the top puppy dog, when he sees me he wants to hold hands, touch me all the time, just never had that before.

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