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Anxiety and depression are getting worse again


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Hi everyone


Does anyone else struggle with this as it's getting towards winter? I was doing well in the summer but I think the lack of sunshine makes my mood worse.


I am on meds but I feel like they aren't working anymore.


Everyday I wake up and I feel the anxiety start. It was the same way last winter. And then I start over thinking everything.

I'm in a great relationship and very happy with him but my anxiety makes me think about my ex and wonder things like are you really over him? Do you still love him? Etc etc


And I know when my anxiety is not bad that I'm not in love with my ex anymore and I am moving on, maybe I'm not completely over it or him yet but I'm way better than I was. I don't feel the same way anymore about him. And I don't want to be with him anymore.


But when my anxiety is bad it's like these voices in my head telling me lies and I try to use logic to fight them and they won't stop. My anxiety makes me feel depressed because I hate living like this.


Can anyone relate at all?

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