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Gotta brag on Coal Dog


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Took him duck huntin in Arkansas this week and he performed perfectly. First morning got to the big pit set out decoys, right at daylight a wad of teal dropped in, rolled one out if that bunch got him lined up on it he ran out there got it and as he was bringing it back a mixed wad of Spoonies and Mallards came in rolled 2 out of that bunch, he saw the far bird fall, ran up to me dropped the teal then made a 100 or so yard retrive brought that bird back lined him out on his second mark, sent him out, he got off track then smelled the bird made a 90° turn went right to it and brought it back.

That afternoon went to another pit had one bunch of spoonies work the decoys then drop in killed one out of that bunch he did great.

The next morning we had wad after wad of birds working us, killed 10 ducks and 2 geese he made all those retrives.

Thanksgiving morning was back in Ky hunting wood ducks on the creek, had a set of trips drop in killed one, took him to where it's a little bit easier to get in the water, he swam across the creek got out on the other side found the duck floating, got in, got the duck and brought it back. All I can say is perfect little brother perfect!!!! 20171124/6c45c2793f0f70f347acbfa090fa8070.jpg 20171124/9467c74a529292b7d0425c158f857f95.jpg

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I've got to add As much as I love duck hunting, breaking high bunches of birds, hitting them with a hail call and working them, then watching them finishin feet down in the decoys. All that is great matter fact it's pure awesome and the most fun you can have with your clothes on, watching your own dog work and do his job perfectly just adds a whole other element of awesomeness to it.

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