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I’m not sure if she wants a relationship with me


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I met this girl 2 years ago and we hit it off amazingly. She’s a very spiritual person and believes in afterlife, reincarnation, astrology, and all that stuff. We are both “dreamers” and talked about the most weirdest things and developed a great connection. When I asked her out in 2015 she told me she was actually “talking” to another guy and that she respects that with him. But she told me that she was flattered and that she thought I was very unique. I respected that and kept my distance... I ended up actually having such deep dreams about her that I ended up growing feelings for her through those dreams. I ended up telling her those dreams and we’d have LONG conversations about them. She was on and off with that guy who was a complete jerk and a cheater. Now in late 2017 after almost half a year since their break up she contacted me and asked me out 3 times so I figured she was interested in something with me. I ended up asking her out the last two times and everything was going very well until the last month..

I have asked her out 3 times in the month of November and she has given me two great excuses about her really wanting to go out but she was out of town working. the last time I asked her out she didn’t even reply.. I texted her a few days later asking if everything was okay and she replied apologizing and telling me that she’s been really busy with work and she told me she would be down to go out if she had a free day this weekend. I put the balls on her court and told her to let me know.

I’m currently sitting here wondering if I’m trying to move too quick. From our conversations I felt like she was really into me but through action, I don’t feel much. I haven’t kissed her yet because I want to take my time with her. I haven’t really felt the right moment either but I don’t think that’s the problem because she’s definitely the type of girl to go slow. Yesterday we had a long conversation through text about a dream I had about her. She isn’t showing any signs of getting bored/ isn’t texting less. Am I overthinking things? Am I wrong to want to see her more often? Is it too early to talk about “what are we” with her? It’s been 2 months and I’m not sure what our label is.

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I think she's interested in the attention you're giving her - I think she's low interest in terms of you. Typically if people don't give you an alternate day after you ask them out, they aren't interested.


I don't think it's anything you're doing - it's probably again that's she's just not terribly interested.

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She is a very beautiful girl. Model like. She gets lots of attention from men. She’s obviously not that interested in me if she’s not constantly texting me or trying to see me but do you think that a girl like her would ever do that towards a man? She’s already made it clear that she’s not seeing anybody. She told me this out of the blue, I never even asked.. this is why I feel stuck because I feel like if I start dating others, it’ll be wrong.

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