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Typical ex behavior?


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My ex and I have been broken up for almost 3 weeks now and haven't talked since. We had a real serious relationship and both saw the possibility of marriage. Unfortunately we had a pretty dramatic and bitter break up over something pretty insignificant but it is what it is. We haven't blocked/unfollowed each other on social media (and I am not planning to since I want to at least be on good terms with him in due time). I instead muted him so I won't get notifications if he messages me and if he posts something I won't see it. But he on the other hand is usually the first person to view what I post and whatever and he doesn't make any effort in being discreet about it. The ironic part is that during our falling out he overly emphasized that he doesn't care/love me anymore and that we will never work out, but his actions say the opposite. Why? Is this typical ex behavior?

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