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I'm sure at least 95% of the forum will roll their eyes at this, but I had another trigger tonight. If you have negative thoughts on polyamory or want to cite that as the reason for the break up, please move along.


For most of my 10 year relationship with my ex, we were open to having sex with other women. We only did it as a couple; I never considered doing anything out of her presence. At the beginning, I frequented craigslist ads for women seeking couples. I received a response from a girl out of town who had some interest. We added each other on Facebook, but nothing ever came of it. That was in 2008. Nothing ever materialized from online. We had a handful of threesomes with people we met offline. It was kind of our thing.


Fast forward to now: I matched with her on Tinder! I don't even remember swiping right on her, but it's definitely her.


It's such a throw back to a time when we were so happy. I remember that summer. I didn't have a care in the world.

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It's not a happy thought though. I'm sorry, I didn't explain it properly in my first post. I long for that feeling again. I am not at peace like I used to be.


Aww, I'm sorry then!

You can float in my ticked off boat with me if you'd like! Haha


Being at peace is a wonderful feeling, and surely to be missed.

We all hope and long for that feeling.

Memories can be bittersweet.

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