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Should I stay or should I go?


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I'm in a relationship with a guy who lives a thousand miles away (literally) and we've been together on and off for the last 3 years. Because of the distance we only see each other every 3-4 months but now it's getting harder because we both don't have a lot of money to continue spending on traveling to one another. Since he has his own apartment and full time job and I don't it only makes sense for me to move there. Except I'm hesitant because there's problems in the relationship, some that have nothing to do with the distance. One being a lot of his family don't seem to support us being together. He's told me before that his mom said we aren't right for each other. I'm also worried that it would be a mistake because there's someone here that seems interested in me and to be honest I think I am interested too. That wouldn't be my main reason for not moving there. It's just a tough decision because I've lived here forever and my family is here. If I stay here I would essentially be giving up the relationship but if I move there I'd be leaving my family and friends.

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I think the right and happiest decision for you is to call this a day , stay in your own surroundings and date the man that is near by .


To go and move in with a man a thousand miles away who you have only really seen a handful of times is one hell of a life move ... and it doesn't sound like it is worth the risk and more importantly , you know , we know , deep down , your gut is screaming at you not to do this .

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A few days ago you said




did you break up and get back together with the LD one .


Yeah. He "surprised" me by driving here. Mind you its a 13 hour drive and he didn't tell me until he was 2 hours away. That was on Saturday. I decided I'd give him another chance but I'm already starting to regret it.

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