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Not sure what to do


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This guy was supposed to help me with my assignment in college. He said he couldn't because his teacher needed him for a lesson and he had to go to work right away. He told me this in the hallway. When I was talking To him he saw his friend get something and he kept glancing at his friend while talking to me. He said he was free Saturday and I said he could just come over for a little while to help me with an assignment. He then said he was busy. Why is he acting so strange all of a sudden ?

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What do you mean, he was "supposed" to help you with your assignment?


Had you been working on a joint project, say, and he was the only one with the data you'd need? Or was this an assignment for which you would be marked and assessed as if you had done all the work on your own?


As Andrina says, he no longer wants to help you. If it's information you need then you'll have to get it from somewhere else.


As to why he's backed off - nobody on here can answer for him.

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