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Just need an answer to a simple question.


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I’m going to preface this by saying I know I’m an a**hole. I’m very, very aware so please just answer the question lol.


So me and my gf are in a very sour relationship that’s heading south. About a year ago I met a girl in the same situation. We started talking, flirting, and hanging out and we realized we had a ton in common but nothing ever happened until a few days ago where we finally hooked up. It was great. We woke up the next morning both of us in a great mood. We agreed we were going to end the relationships we were in to see if we can have a better relationship with each other.


We were texting and flirting the entire next day and then OUT OF NOWHERE she tells me she feels terrible about what happened (I think it’s because she saw how much it hurt her bf).


The day after that she tells me that her and her man are gonna try and work on things and that for now she can’t see me or even talk to me.


Now my question. You think we’ll ever reconnect? Will she ever text me again? I know what I have to do with my current girlfriend so please nothing about that. I just want to know if this girl will ever enter my life again.

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Stuff happens,

You're not a monster, you're just unhappy.


In terms of if you'll ever reconnect, who knows man?


All you can do is please respect her wishes.


She will most likely bounce out of that relationship after her guilt settles and she realizes the under lying reason is her unhappiness, just like it is in your relationship.

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Short answer, probably not. Why? Because it started off wrong and with too many people involved.


She also still clearly has feelings for her bf and is choosing him over you.


If it's any consolation, you didn't lose anything. If you and she did get together, you can be sure she'd be running to another guy down the line when you and her had problems.

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Oh, she'll be back alright. If she left her serious relationship for some guy like u, she'll have no problem doing it again. Except, don't expect to get much out of it. U two still have growing up to do, so maybe work on yourselves first and then consider getting together. If u jump in too early it'll fall apart, just like the first one.

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