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Weird moment after Set back

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So yesterday I had a horrible relapse. Today at work I was on my way to my regular coffee place to fuel up and I had a weird feeling to not go because I was convinced I'd bump into my ex. I dismissed this as crazy I may be awesome but psychic nah... lo and behold she's walking infront of me and we engage.


Last time we bumped into each other was awkward as hell my heart raced and there was animosity on both sides but even after my breakdown yesterday it was different, still love her but I wasn't nervous or about to go into cardiac arrest we just had a great talk about nothing


Gave her a lift and we hugged bye. I'll probably relapse again at some point but I think the main reason was I was sure there was still hatred between us but it seemed to have vanished which has relieved a lot of the guilt I felt.


So if you and your ex left on a bad note don't worry the hatred absolves itself, now I just need to make sure I look sexy when ever I leave the house... just in case

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I feel bad that u still have to put up with her even after the breakup. You're never gonna get over her if she remains in ur life, whether it be physically or virtually. Go no contact! For ur own sake.


And I'll tell u this, as a female, one thing that would definitely interest me after breaking up with someone, is the dumpee giving me the cold shoulder. This would 100% make me curious enough to wanna engage with u again, because women despise not being liked.


So, honestly, I'd recommend u treat her extremely indifferenty. Don't be kind, don't let her walk all over you. I guarantee that right now she sees u as weak because of how nice u remain after the way she's treated u. I can't believe u still don't hold resentment already though. I mean, she abandoned all that time, love, and effort u wasted on her just so that she can become loose n wild with other men. Man up, buddy. That's what women like.

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