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He text me but gets mad when I text him?


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So I dated this guy for seven months. We mutually broke up because it wasn’t working. He has a family history of alcoholism and has a lot of issues with drinking and becoming a very mean and angry drunk. He is also extremely selfish. He just got his second DWI and then arrested last weekend for blowing positives into his breathalyzer again. (He’s thirty eight and I’m twenty seven) We broke up two weeks ago. Of course we got into a huge fight and he said he’s moving on and needs to fix his life and work on himself which I respect. He said he’s going to stop drinking (for the millionth time). Finally he calmed down and has been texting me throughout the week voicing his concern about being down and needing to get his life together. I gave him some advice and told him I would pray for him. He has text me randomly throughout the week about how I’m doing, etc and if I don’t reply he texts again. He told me how kind hearted I am and that is my best quality. Well this weekend I got some Snapchats of him out drinking and getting drunk. I text him this morning and asked him why he is going down that path again. He went off on me and told me to leave him alone and not contact him again. He said he has moved on with his life and focusing on himself and he doesn’t need this from me and that I’m judging him and bringing him down... I am so confused!! Why would he text me throughout the week wondering what’s going on and being so nice and then I call him out for drinking and he is a total jerk and threatens to block me??

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This is how unstable and immature people behave, OP.


One moment they want you to be their shoulder to cry on, the next moment they want you out of their life. It's a cycle that will repeat itself again and again, because you're not dealing with someone who's thinking with the same clear and logical thought process that you are.


Let this serve as a reminder why No Contact is so important after a break-up. You need to protect your own emotional well-being now.

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Such is the cycle of an alcoholic. Sometimes they are nice, sometimes they turn into total jerks, like this guy. He needs help, he has to hit bottom to finally be ready to get help, which should include going to AA and working the program. Alcoholics make lousy partners. Alcohol pickles the brain and they are not rational. They are prone to outbursts, they get angry, the manipulate anyone they can. You are so much better off without this guy. He isnt going to magically fix himself, he needs help to do it.

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